Top electric can opener on Amazon

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Top electric can opener on Amazon

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN

Cuisinart has been providing us with kitchen appliances for a while now. They have excellent readings and decent customer reviews as well.

Cuisinart deluxe electric can opener is one of the most premium range of can openers in the market right now. It is a smart can opener by Cuisinart that provides us with a premium service.

Manufactured with beautiful Chrome, it comes in royal colors and finishes. The matte finish on the top is just like a cherry on the cake. The design follows a minimalistic approach towards a sober and straightforward touch. It has an engineer motor system, which means it is powerful and can provide you with haptic feedback. It also has a single touch operation, which means you don’t have to press all those buttons. You can do all the work by just pressing a single button. It comes with a power cut blade sharp enough to cut through any steel material.

The company also provides a premium resizable holder, which means it can handle any size of the can. The design has a premium finish with decent features as well. It’s easy to clean component gets it on the top of this list because you don’t have to open anything with screws.

It also comes with a removable activation liver, which is easy to clean and remove.

Overall it has powerful output with a decent materialistic approach. Its single touch easy-to-use feature helps us to open any can without getting dirt on our hands. With a great price, the company also provides us with a year’s warranty on the product.


Amazonbasics is a famous brand dealing with household items and daily necessities. Amazonbasics is on the higher budget of this list because of their premium quality material and the brand tag.

Amazonbasics electric can opener is one of the costlier electric can openers. The can opener comes with a primary size, which means you can open any standard cans with that.

Amazon provides as with a sharp blade that can cut through any standard size can. The design is edgy and sturdy, with a well-maintained position on the device. Amazon basics provide us with a well maintained on and off switch with an automatic cut release option in terms of technology. It is more comprehensive and comes with a proper ergonomic design. The magnetic lid opener helps us to get a tight grip on the can.

Over to the design section, it is modern and has a minimalistic design to it. It comes with a dual-tone color scheme and has stainless steel material finish. It is lightweight and weighs around 2 pounds. Overall it is a decent magnetic can opener under an affordable price range.


Kitchen mama provides a small and affordable electric can opener. It has a single push mechanism and comes in different color styles. It is on the bright side of the design and follows a parametric form.


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