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4 reading apps for successful yet busy business owners

Name any successful person, whether its a sportsman, an entrepreneur, investor or an actor. One thing you will find common in every successful person that they never stop learning ever and it’s true you cannot stop learning if you want to be on top and stay there. The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning too, and they all live by that motto and follow that.

So whatever the field is a successful person no matter how busy he is, he will find a way to learn something and we all know the best way to learn is by getting to know that field better. By the best people that already conquered the thing you want to conquer, and all those people also want you to go ahead of them and be your inspiration. That is why they always write a book, to tell you the things they have gone through and to help you not repeating the mistakes that they did in that field.

So when we talk about books, it’s not easy to carry them everywhere, but thanks to our technology. Nowadays have developed digital ways to take thousands of books with you in just a single device. You will find many apps that will provide you with those books and we will tell you the best 4 of them to use.

Blinkist: The app is a revolution in Its own, the app lets you experience the book and make it into a 15-minute short summary to fill you in with the best sellers stories. The app is really great for people who love to learn and read the book but don’t have the time to read a 150 page to 300-page book as its time consuming and you know that time is money. So for all those busy people who love to read but don’t get much free time, this will be great as you can read while you going to your company or while you are traveling for business meetings. The app has made reading more interesting and also promoted the books in a new way. Yeah, it’s true that you will not get the exact same experience as you will when you read the whole book but the experience through this summary will be pretty close. This app is also great for letting people get used to reading once a person who doesn’t read much reads an interesting summary of a great book he will for sure read the whole book just because of curiosity.

Amazon Kindle: Probably the most trending app you can say by the leading company of the e-commerce world, The app is compatible with every device you have weather its an Android or a Mac, tab or a laptop. Read anywhere anytime with this amazing app and give you a reasonable price for best selling novels and it let you download the content for the book easily in one go. App can store up to 1000 books so if you love books and love to have the choice then this can be the best app for you. The app also provides you with some unknown writers and let you also upload your own book if you want.

Google Playbooks: Talk about having 5million and above book collection with a great extended library, it’s no doubt that Google Playbooks is one of the largest digital reading app when it comes to reading. And it is available in every device, whether it’s an Android or a Mac you can get a google extension with it too for browsing access. The app lets you control your reading and bookmark the page so you can take notes and have a resume feature so you can start where you left. The app is really great for business owners, and also provide you with themes like day and night and sepia so just start exploring this amazing app.

Audible: If you are a fan of book readings and visit many of them. Then this all is for you when you just want someone to read that for you and let you enjoy and imagine the story in your mind when you close your eyes and put your headphones. The app is really great and it will ask your Amazon account for signing in, the app provides you with many genres like romance, mystery, thriller, horror, and others as well. If you are a busy person and don’t have the time to turn all the pages and carry a book with you then take this app and enjoy the experience of best-selling novels without turning a single page.…

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