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Keeping your cat safe during winter

If you have a cat then you must know that cats don’t like cold weather and always trying to get somewhere warm. Although cats can take cold weather when it goes below the point of freezing then they can surely die of frostbite. At that time you need to be careful with your cat and make sure it stays safe. There are many ways to keep your cast safe and provide your cat with the comfort that it used to.

  • Make sure your cat stays inside many people try to let their cats outside in winter thinking it will play and have fun. But that’s not the real thing the best place a cat could spend his all the 9 lives can only be indoors. They love the house warmth and cozy sofa or your bed and no other place at all, cats shiver too much if you let them out in winter.

Do you know? That north shore animal league America they don’t let people adopt a cat if they will or willing to leave them outside of the house. Because why you need to do that. The cats need to be safe and inside, just make sure when inside the house your cat plays with you and be active and warm.

That kind of family is the best family that a cat can be owned by who keeps it inside and keep playing with the cat.

  • In winter cats also will want to have more food that can lead to a bad thing known as obesity. Yes, even for cats it’s not good to eat too much as it becomes a serious health concern for them. So make sure your cat stays active and not just stays at a place laying and getting cozy and in winter they need more food for storing fat to get warm and every cat requires more food but do not give it constant food.

Most of the time for indoor cats it’s just because of boredom and that’s why they come for more food. Instead of giving them more food you should play with them in that way you both will have fun and will not have to worry about your cat health issue.

  • Another thing to do in winter for saving your cat is microchip her, it’s totally painless don’t worry about your cat getting hurt as a cat in winters can run to places in search of warmth and cozy places. So that can help you find your cat if it runs outside of the house by any chance. I know you are a great power and your cat probably loves you the most but still, cats are free animals and can go anywhere so to prevent that from happening. Make sure to microchip your cat and when that happens to go calmly to the cat, take cat food with you to lure your cat and then grab it. When you get home get little warm water that is just a little Warm so your cat doesn’t get sick. And clean her with a towel and use a hairdryer to dry your cat and let her be in a warm place.
  • Last thing to take care of when you own a cat, in winter we get cold and take our medicines and out them above the bed and places where we can reach easily. But remember where you can reach your cat can reach for sure so don’t place it there if your cat did eat one of your pills it can lead your cat to have a serious problem and probably your cat will be dead. So make sure don’t do that and if you think your cat acting strange and that there is something wrong with your cat won’t wait for anything. As they can’t speak like humans can so directly call your veterinarian or take them to an animal hospital to get them checked.

Also if you have like some kind of battery and cleaning products or anything in your basement make sure to lock the door and if it’s accessible to your cat make sure to pack them and store those things. In a container or a place where your cat won’t be able to reach as a cat loves to explore and if they did explore them there’s a good chance of them tasting and eating those chemical stuff and end up dying on you. Before you can know about and if you did see your cat near that stuff and see any leakage or any kind of chemical dropped near you don’t take chances to take her to the clinic get it checked before it gets late.…

cat safe

6 tips to help you Recognize fake gadgets

The thing about gadgets that they get super popular very easy and when something gets popular there always people making replicas of those. The problem is not making replicas they make a product that looks the same and work the same they take some price too. There are many gadgets available online like Wifi cards which you can’t identify using this guide. The problem is what they offer you is a worse quality and no guaranteed product you will buy it. Later when it’s broken or not working they will not replace it and say not form our shop or some people just close and go.

So if there’s a problem like this must have a solution too, right? So yeah there is a solution for checking whether the thing you are buying is fake or real, we will tell you some of 6 tips to know about the fame products and gadgets.


When you buy a product check the packaging of the product always remember that when you are buying a branded product even the packaging is done so professionally that you can’t see an opening or a scratch on it. Most of the time people buying the products without checking the basic and the first thing that you need to see. The packaging can be the first thing that will tell you what you try to buy is a total fake gadget and you about to get ripped. When the local manufacture trying to copy the things most of them use so bad quality and cheap resources that they end up getting bad packaging. There can be quality of the packing and the way it has been packet the seal of the packing and other things that can help you to know if the gadget you trying to buy is real or not. Piece of advice when you will try to do that the fake person might convince you to do a quick purchase and try to tell you that the company must have done bad packaging. Never I mean never believe that branded companies most of the work even the packaging by their machine and you know that machines don’t make mistakes.

User manual

Once you’ve bought the gadget and opened it always check the manual, the manual is what makes the gadget easy to understand. When you buy a gadget and find out the manual is not well written and some main things are missing don’t buy that gadget. There is a 100% chance that the gadget is fake and you going to buy a fake product. Sometimes they can give you smuggle product which are illegal to get. When you check the product and open the manual and it’s written in a language that is not used in your country. That means either the product is a fake or it’s been smuggled from other countries and now selling here at same price. So make sure you check the manual, I know no ones like to read you all just want to play and use that gadget that you bought but it’s not going to be good later if that gadget comes to be fake.

Quality of material

When you buy a gadget from a branded company, you should always look at the material. That is what companies always give the effort in no matter what part of the device it is the company always takes precautions while making them. They give no second thought on providing you a seamless and damage less product with super smooth material. When you buy a gadget that is fake you will know when you touch it the surface may be dry or there can be some breaks on the Accessories. When that happens to return that fake gadget at that time only.


There have been many times when you go buy a shirt from a local store there always some clothes having a name like reebook, Redbok, and many more. Same thing with gadgets fake gadgets most of the time will end up being either samsang. Sometimes the fake one will have the exact logo and detail but the quality won’t be the same so check the font quality too when you buying the gadget.


When buying a charger you need to make sure your gadget charger is durable and can be used in your country where you live. Yes, different countries have different socket points, and different types of chargers are made for them. So make sure the charger you buy is exactly fit for your place and don’t stick out of the socket. If the person tells you to get a new charger after that’s a sign that he’s selling you a fake gadget.

Wires and plugs

When you buy a gadget the company always will be perfect fit, leaving no extra space and no uneven length. If your gadget cable is low quality and looks bad and cheap, have uneven length and not fitting perfectly with your gadget. That’s a sure sign that either the wire or the gadget is fake, in many cases both are fake and that is where you leave.…

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