6 places to try forest bathing in UK

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6 places to try forest bathing in UK

Forest bathing is a great way of relaxation in the forest the idea was taken by the Japanese who use to do this In their culture and still do it. It helps you heal your soul, body and get that peaceful environment for your mind.

United Kingdom is full of beautiful places and

great history and culture of Queens Era and the place has the beautiful natural landscape to enjoy as well and if you are in the UK and want to experience forest bathing. There are some places that will provide you with the best forest bathing experience let’s get into it.

Deer Park, Cornwall:

Deer Park is the place in Cornwall that gives you the beautiful view of all the conifers, hemlocks, and broad leaves trees. Surrounded by the amazing conifer and mixed broadleaves having over 25 identified trees species, and other than that the hemlocks trees give the best atmospheric floor. The forest of Deer Park is claimed to be having tallest trees in the whole of Cornwall. Having a redwood tree that was planted over 150 years ago and is measured to be a 160-foot tall tree. And other than that you can go and take a bath I’m this beautiful place without any worries or difficulties.

Beddgelert, Wales:

If you in the wakes do go to the Beddgelert for seeing the best of the view in the whole UK and experience a lot of footprints and trails to follow and explore the forest. You can follow those tracks back to get out of the forest, the forest of Beddgelert is covered with beautiful conifers and broad leaves that give you a really great forest view. Following the trials to Llyn Llewelyn is an awesome place to start your forest bathing and enjoy the time there. So make sure if you in Wales do go to Beddgelert forest for this amazing journey.

Keldy, Yorkshire:

Being part of the Cropton forest, Keldy has a mixture of natural conifers that were seeded and also board leaves trees. You will find many different trees like oak, hawthorn whose leaves you can eat, birch, beech, and many others. This is one of the best forest views you will see with many trees species there and can enjoy the forest bathing in this beautiful forest of Keldy in Yorkshire. If you want to visit this with friends that will be the best experience for you and your friends. So if you in Yorkshire and want to experience the forest bathing you will find no other better place than Keldy forest.

Blackwood, Winchester:

The forest is well known for its tall trees that leave an impression on everyone who visits here at the Black Wood forest. The first is also a beauty itself as the Floor of the forest gets covered with bluebells in spring and with golden leaves in autumn. There are many species of trees here in Black Wood the main species you will find here is a Beech tree. Other trees like Oaks, Hawthorn, hazel and other species are found on the internal boundary of the forest and it’s also a great place to have bathing experience with your friends and family if you want and probably the best place in whole Winchester.

Strathyre, Scotland:

Scotland is filled with history and a proud country for its history and culture and in this cultural land there lies the forest of Strathyre. Which is overlooked by the 3000 ft mountain known as Ben Ledi, but other than that mountain this forest has a lot of history and places to visit and enjoy the forest has the secret commonwealth. The book written and described by the known writer Robert Kirk, who told about elves, fauns, and fairies. There are orchids that you can see along the track and that includes the northern orchids and common spotted orchids. If you looking for history and a nice view with great forest bathing experience this is the place to go to Scotland.

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire:

This is a woodland forest mixed with ancient forests, providing a great spot for forest bathing and relaxing your body in this place. Pedunculate oak and Douglas fits gives you the coverage of the canopy and you see silver birch tree and Hazel and holly tree here in the forest of Dean. It’s a cool place to get your body soaked in forest bathing.

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